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Founder and Director

I am a Toronto born artist sculptor, teacher, and instructor with almost 20 years developing and providing community programs for people of all ages, skill levels and abilities, I have developed and directed programs over the years  for a wide variety of organizations and foundations throughout the city, some of which being; Creative Works Studio, the CNIB, Senior Wish Foundation and the Acorn Arts Project. 


Founder and Secretary

I am a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist with a background in classical dance, sculpture and printmaking. In my professional practice, art is part of my self-care. Art elevates me above the mental and the verbal. The tactile and quiet focus of artmaking is profoundly nourishing.

I am passionate about creating opportunities for individuals to experience artmaking. I enjoy de-mystifying art for audiences of all ages. Anyone can be creative and do art. I believe artmaking together, with a commonality of intention, can be a catalyst for social transformation.



Founder and Director

I am an artist and a psychotherapist inspired and motivated by the human experience. I have worked within the field of mental health for over fifteen years in Toronto and Montreal and am immensely proud of the community that Acorn Arts Project has created.




I am a public servant with 15 years of experience in both the Federal Government and Ontario Public Service. I have a keen interest in intergovernmental relations , public policy development and community organization.  I've been a volunteer in providing English- language tutoring and career mentoring for immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area. 

I'm inspired by the Acorn artists, the up-lifting community arts programs they have developed,  as well as the work they have done to promote and foster community connections through artistic expression within underserved neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto.  As Vice-Chair of the Board, I am strongly committed to building an ethical, accountable organization that strives to be both innovative and professional in all their endeavours.  



I'm a sculptor, photographer, and retiree from the Ontario Public Service. I've been a volunteer leader in affordable housing development, community development and accessibility projects, working with diverse people in various communities.
As the first Chair of Acorn Arts Project, I'm committed to establishing a sound organizational foundation for the passion and professionalism of Acorn's Artists and the community arts projects they bring to Toronto's downtown neighbourhoods.

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I came to the Acorn Arts Project with a diversified professional background. Having had the pleasure of working within the fields of administration and business operations, with a focus on brand marketing, I made a shift in direction to accounting and business development. This led me to the position of Treasurer for the Acorn Arts Project.

I was drawn to the Acorn Arts Project by their unique goal of providing arts and leisure activities to marginalized communities and vulnerable individuals. With the typical focus on providing just the necessities, the drive of Acorn to produce for their communities experiences beyond what is usually viewed as the priority, lends a unique perspective about how important arts and expression are to individuals. Through these sorts of interactions and initiatives, communities are strengthened and supported both on an individual level and as a whole.



I’m a former public servant and current public service union rep with more than 20 years experience with the federal and provincial governments, labour unions and not-for-profit organizations. I’ve had a long-standing interest in workers’ rights, community mediation and facilitation, and public policy.

I came to Acorn Arts via the organization’s strategic planning efforts and was inspired by the work of the founding artists in support of building and sustaining community connections through art. I am very happy to join the Board to make my own small contribution to building Acorn Arts and supporting its professional development and expanding its program offerings.

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