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Toronto Community Champions


The creation of  a thousand forests is in one acorn. - R.W. Emerson

Naomi, Bruce and Masha, the three cofounding artists of Acorn Arts Project have been active members of the community arts scene in Toronto for many years. 
Their paths crossed as a trio in late 2017 when Bruce, in looking for a firing kiln, came across an abandoned art studio space just waiting for someone to bring it to life. A space in a community that he knew would embrace it.  

Masha and Naomi were curious about the potential of the studio, and when together they first visited the site, a decision was made...all three were on board!

The artists were not alone in seeing the good that an art program could bring to the community. Toronto Community Housing was quick to support the initiative and Cota- an already present community program opened their arms to the idea. 

Armed with a dream, a vision, and Pat Melnick (a true visionary, humanitarian, and a member of Cota staff), the three artists applied for their first grant. 

Our doors opened in January of 2018...since then, the number of participants only grows, the quality of art being produced is incredible, the board members selfless and devoted and the community is ever-expanding.

We became a registered non-profit organization in early 2020 and are so excited to continue our journey of building community through the healing power of art!

Thank you to all who support this initiative!! 


Mission: Acorn Arts Project is a community arts hub for sharing skills and ideas, developing relationships and strengthening communities.

Vision: Welcoming, inclusive, safe and accessible arts programming spaces where people come to learn from professional artists to explore and develop their creativity and imagination through artistic self-expression. 

Art is a universal language

Art is inclusive

All people have an innate need to create.

All people have artistic potential. Collaborative art-making builds

strong communities.

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